Worm-Petting Zoo + Build-A-Bin

Worm Bin By Kafka4Prez

Caesandra will bring her mobile worm-bin w/LIVE worms to a classroom or site.

  • Hands-on instruction with students and teacher to build a worm bin for their classroom.
  • Instruction about worm anatomy, habitat, life cycle, and environmental benefits of worms.
  • Discussion of organic growing methods, decomposers, the nitrogen cycle, worm farming, landfill diversion, and pollution.
  • Students may hold and feed the red wigglers.
  • Coloring/Activity pages and 3-4 additional lessons provided, that teachers can use later.
  • Suitable for groups of students of all ages–Kindergarten through College!!
  • Workshop lasts 60 minutes, maximum group size is 30
  • Specify age/grade and headcount in your message

Cost: $75

To schedule Caesandra & worms for a lesson and to discuss payment options, please connect with her via cell 716-803-5566 or email caesandra@gmail.com