Sponsor a Worm Bin for a Local Classroom or Group

Vermicomposting is a great lesson that engages students in caring for our environment and teaching responsibility for tiny creatures.

The compost produced by the worms is rich in nitrogen — it can improve soil for any school garden, classroom plants, community garden, or can be used at home to fertilize flowers and vegetable plants. Currently, very few classrooms in Western New York have set up worm bins.

Caesandra offers options for both STEM and STEAM. These sessions are great for parties or festivals, organizations, garden clubs, service groups, or homeschool/unschool lessons. Caesandra is available to teach anywhere within WNY (there may be an additional travel fee).

To schedule Caesandra & worms for a lesson, please connect with her via cell 716-803-5566 or email caesandra@gmail.com

Sponsor A Worm Bin

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