Pelion Community Garden at City Honors School

Caesandra is the site builder, garden manager and instructor for garden-based learning in science, environmental stewardship and nutrition.

The Pelion Community Garden at City Honors School is a place where students have hands-on learning opportunities to explore the connections between food, health and the environment.

We’ve transformed four vacant city lots located across the street from our school into City Honors Community Garden. Our Garden has a variety of vegetables, herbs, fruit trees and edible flowers. Physical features of the garden include a section for wild-life, native plants, wellness, vertical growing and a large rain garden.

The garden engages our students with the natural world and enriches their curriculum. The garden also beautifies and connects students and parents with our neighborhood on the East Side of Buffalo. We create hands-on learning opportunities for students and community members to learn about plants, food, science, and sustainable agriculture. Neighborhood cleanups, events and workshops teach both community members and students to grow, prepare and enjoy healthy foods, as well as, respect for ecology and urban landscapes.

The name “Pelion Community Garden at City Honors School” was selected by the 5th and 6th graders at City Honors School. In Greek mythology, Mount Pelion was the homeland of Chiron the Centaur, tutor of many ancient Greek heroes and is the beloved mascot of City Honors School.

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